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Lost Key Recovery Service
Owner Contact Service now provides the Lost Key Recovery Service for helping car rental companies and other businesses to QUICKLY recover lost keys and to substantially increase company revenue at the same time!

One thing that car renters hate most is having to pay enormous fees for losing rental car keys and many have posted extremely negative comments in various online locations including chat rooms and on social media sites, venting their frustrations regarding the fees which can range from $250.00 to $500.00. Such harsh posts have inevitably caused many potential car renters to avoid patronizing certain rental car companies who charge high amounts for lost keys.

The Owner Contact Service now provides a viable solution to this problem that not only gives potential car renters peace of mind regarding the possible loss of rental car keys, but also enables car rental companies to generate a whole new revenue stream by providing the Lost Key Recovery Service and coverage to their customers.

Specialized Business QuickFind Tags™ can now be attached to rental car keys and enable anyone who has found a lost key to scan the Tag with their smartphone to INSTANTLY see the contact information for the car rental company, show on their phone's screen. There's also the option of going to the website shown on the Tag and entering the code from the Tag into the online owner search engine. Finders can also call the toll free number on the Tag to speak directly with one of the system operators, who will then either connect the finder directly to the company or relay information letting them know where the key can be retrieved. For security purposes and not to reveal the rental car lot location, companies can either not list an address or list the corporate headquarters address and phone number, and also list a secondary toll free number that automatically logs the caller's phone number and then forwards the call directly to the phone number of the particular rental car location that the found key is associated with. A secure email form is also available via the company's contact information page for sending key retrieval information directly to the rental car company. For additional security, no email address information is ever shown.

Car rental companies can offer the service/coverage and its benefits to their customers for a small fee which would include the company covering the replacement cost if the key becomes lost. Since all Tags have a unique serial number, when someone calls to report a found key, companies can cross-reference the Tag number internally and then call the customer informing them where the key can be retrieved such as a hotel, restauraunt or other public location where finders have been instructed to leave the key. Upon retrieval, the car renter or a company representative can identify the key by Tag serial number.

Advertising the new service and coverage to potential car renters online and in other media locations can have a positive effect on those deciding on which rental car company to use, and can give an edge over the competition.

Realistically, companies could offer to cover the key replacement fee for a small charge without using the Tags, but with the Tags attached, finders now have multiple ways to return the lost key to the car rental company, thus giving the possibility to avoid the inconvenience of having to replace the key with the associated costs.

As an additional revenue stream, the service offers great business income potential. If companies charge a small fee of only $5.00 for the lost key coverage, that's $100.00 for every 20 customers who opt in for the coverage. When customers realize that the lost key fee can be between $250.00 and $500.00 over the amount of the car rental itself, chances are most would opt to have it for peace of mind. During the course of just one business day, companies could realize thousands in additional revenue.

Business QuickFind Tags™ are available in 48 tags per package or 48 tags per sheet for custom business contact codes and higher quantities.

Additional revenue is also received and continues in perpetuity by referring other businesses and customers to the Owner Contact Service. This means that once a business or customer is referred by your company, the revenue from that referral continues for life even if the customer never returns to your business or that of your business referral in the future. For complete details visit:

To get set up for offering the Lost Key Recovery Service and coverage to your customers, call 1-800-737-3220 or fill out our online information form at:

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