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Asset ID Tags & Business QuickFind Tags
  • Company Asset ID Tags
  • Business "QuickFind Tags" for instant owner contact information
  • Online Owner Search System
  • Toll Free Live Operator Assistance

Owner Contact Service provides a NEW way for companies to be immediately contacted, for the return of lost items. Coded Asset ID Tags, Business "QuickFind Asset Tags" and our online Owner Search System, enable a finder of a lost item, to either enter the unique Company Asset Owner Code online or scan the business owner's "QuickFind Asset Tag" with their smartphone. Finders can also call the Toll Free number shown on the tag, and speak directly with our system operator. Contact via email, can also be made through our secure automated Owner Contact System and business email addresses are kept private at all times. Business QuickFind Asset Tags when scanned instantaneously show department/owner information and therefore aid in helping to track assets in order to maintain accurate inventory status.

Losing an item can be quite costly to your company. Employee cell phones, laptops, PDAs, jump drives, hard drives and other devices often hold valuable and sensitive company data, documents, contacts and other important information that is vital to have returned if lost. Also, lost company keys can be costly and time consuming to have replaced. Business QuickFind Tags help to prevent such losses. They are available as 48 tags per package or 48 tags per sheet for custom business contact codes and higher quantities. For details and information regarding the Lost Key Recovery Service for rental car companies and other businesses, click here.

Business QuickFind Asset ID Tags (Aluminum Material)
To see sample search results, scan the tag below from your computer screen with your smartphone, iPad or Tablet. Download FREE QR Code reader to your device at You may also click on Search and enter the Owner Code shown on the tag. Smartphone, iPad and Tablet users can also tap on the graphic below to instantly see the sample search results.


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